Spring 2011: Color Blocks

The first Thrifty Gal installment of Spring Fashion 2011 is here!  (If you missed Fall Fashion 2010, check here).  While there seem to be hundreds of trends this spring, I'll only be highlighting my favorites, starting with Color Blocking! (And coming from a girl who sticks to black and gray year round, this is saying something.)  The look is cheerful and bold, yet also suits my minimalist tendencies.  With no prints, and structural pieces, it's possible to pull of a head to toe pink and orange look without seeming overly feminine...or like a flat out freak.  While these editorial shots are awe-inspiring, what's an average girl to do in order to pull off this look?  I'm picturing something like Kendi below:
The key to pulling off this look is to stick to minimal pieces with structure.  Lose the frills and embellishments and stick to classic pieces with clean lines.

Image 1 via Sterling Style, 2 via coco + kelley, 3 via Kendi Everyday


  1. I love this look! I can't wait for spring and summer to try it out.

  2. you know i'm a color girl -- love this post! so bright and cheery...just the pick-me-up i need this rainy day ;)

  3. I love your post and the selections you've made! I think I need a pair of green pants....yes I am sure of it!!! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  4. I love the color blocking! Can't wait for spring to start wearing some of these :)

  5. The perfect amount of color to get my Monday on a roll :) p.s. Bought that pink dress by Zara and tried on those green pants- we are totally on the same page! Hope you had a great weekend, KC!


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