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Image 1 via Simply Seductive, 2 via oh happy day

Another week as flown by!  How is it already Friday? (not that I'm complaining or anything though!)  I'm loving these Parisian inspired photos.  Talk about a perfect day taking on Paris via bike and stopping at every bookstore you see.  A girl can dream, right?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?  I'm headed to my hometown to see family and hopefully get a few things finished that I have been putting off (like my taxes...bleh).  I'll quit my rambling for now and let you get to these amazing little links.  Happy Friday, friends!

A much more hilarious version to my Valentine's Day wishlist
Perfect the J. Crew side ponytail
Best. Appetizer. Ever.
Follow the best street style looks at NYFW
Glamour's sneak peak at Anthropologie's new wedding line
HILARIOUS video of babies eating their first lemon


  1. Oh Paris, Paris...my cousin lives there and she told me it already smells like Spring in Paris... I'd so love to be there right now!

    Happy Weekend :)

  2. oh how i ADORE that video of the little babies...someone sent it to me a while back and it just made me so happy!
    have a lovely weekend


  3. I love these photos! And thanks for your insight about The Bay Area! I can't wait to visit and eventually move there!

  4. I LOVE that first photo, I think it will be my new screen savor! also, read the messy ponytail and might give it a whirl tonight - great little roundup!

    have a fabulous weekend!


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