I Heart This

I'm headed up to the lovely Lake Tahoe for a friend's birthday this weekend.  He has been traveling all around the southern hemisphere for the past 4 months and I am so excited to catch up with him and hear all about his travels.  This week's "I {Heart} This" features woodsy inspired decor and wardrobe pieces, plus some tasty (and over-priced) maple syrup.  (I'm totally getting the hang of this no budget "I {Heart} This".)  I'll be working this weekend while my friends hit the slopes, but if I can manage to look as cozy as that lass, it will all be worth it!  Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?


  1. Love that necklace!

    Have a wonderful weekend in Tahoe!

  2. I heart those maple syrup! I'm such a sucker for nice packaging too! :)

  3. mmm mmm mmmm, fantabulous roundup! i especially love that sweater with the elbow patches!

    how was tahoe? hope you had a blast! my weekend consisted of work and a wedding shower! i feel like i'm ready for another weekend already!

  4. i was in Tahoe too, up at North Star! Hope you had fun. Looove the sweater! xo

  5. I LOVE this "woody inspired" collage. That book reminded I have yet to see the new Jane Eyre movie!

  6. These are some fabulous items that would definitely make my lust list! I've always wanted a card catalog unit and the packaging is perfect on that syrup. No wonder they can get away with that expensive price-tag!



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