Sorry for the brief post today, but I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with a big work project, and am still playing catch-up after my week off in all other aspects of life.  This saying is one of my favorites and keeps me motivated in pursuing my dreams and is relevant to an inspiring luncheon I attended while in LA last weekend.  It just so happened that at the culmination of our road trip, UCLA was hosting an admit weekend. I was able to attend the Women's Business Connection Luncheon and meet so many talented, accomplished and inspiring women...including Dean Olian (one of the few, if not only, female Dean at a top 20 business school).  She gave an excellent speech about the necessity of women mentors, and shared staggering statistics about how far women still need to go in the workplace (as in 11 out of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women).  So let's stir up the pot a bit, ladies...and make some history while doing it.

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  1. I love hearing about inspiring women too! Your luncheon sounds terrific. What a great opportunity to meet one of the top Deans in business school!

  2. I live by this quote. The picture speaks for itself and a reminder to all women to never get too old.

    XO Hilary Nicole


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