Inspiration: Floors

All of these kitchens have floors I would kill for.  Ok, well, the last image just has a kick ass rug, but you have to admit, it's just as awesome as those tile floors.  What is your favorite part about these kitchens?  The rustic feel?  The amazing wood accents?  There are too many elements for me to choose just one, but those floors are definitely what made me look twice at these inspiring interiors.

Image 1 via Global Atelier 2 via Simply Seductive 3 via down and out chic


  1. I love all these prints. Very eye appealing. Thanks for sharing =)

    - Sarah

  2. That tile work is gorgeous on the second picture!

  3. Honestly, I love wood floors the best, but there's something that feels so right about tile in a kitchen. The rug looks awesome but I'd avoid one just because I always manage to spill things.


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