Update from the open road

Thought I would do a more personal post today and share a couple of photos from our trip! I'm writing from lovely Tucson, AZ where my bf and I are staying with friends from college.  That first photo is of the Capitol building in Austin, TX.  The second photo is just a rad cactus we came across today in AZ.  The trip so far has been amazing with stops in FL, New Orleans, Austin, and Tucson.  Tomorrow we head to LA and get ready to unpack!  For more updates and photos from our trip, check my twitter (@kristencarole).  All photos were taken by me and spiced up with the help of instagram.


  1. Gorgeous pics! Love the cactus! Would love to see more!!!

  2. Cool shots! loving all your updates from your road trip. have fun unpacking tmr!

  3. yes! hurry up and get here!

  4. Nice!! Photographer KC! Cactus looks super cool!


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