5 Steals and a Splurge

Today's guest post is from someone who probably knows me better than anyone...my mama!  I consider my mom one of my closest friends, and am so thankful for all of the support and love she has given me throughout my life.  Though I will never understand her fascination (bordering on obsession) with cars, I am still so excited for my dear mum to share with you all her picks for a fabulous Mother's Day... plus some words of  motherly wisdom.
Hi sweet KC.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my 5 steals and a splurge.  As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect on my appreciation and joy in having two wonderful adult children.   You have survived and epitomized my mantras:  Never pay a finance charge.  You only own what you don’t owe. Be conscious in your relationships.  Don’t live a “supposed to life”. Keep your love of music and nature in your heart.  Stand for something.  Equality for all!

Rosy Rings - Apple Spice Candle – $49.00 If you want 200 hours of wonderful smelling home coziness, this candle is a must have. 

Bird feeder – $39.95 Why cage a bird when you can have an unenclosed aviary outside your window? This feeder has a spring to keep away squirrels and large birds.

Kayaking the Monterey Bay –  $30 (3 hours). Kayak from the Santa Cruz wharf.  The kayak is put IN and OUT of the water for you.  Pick a low tide and cruise under the wharf to see scores of colorful sea stars.   Get up close and personal (stay outside 100 feet) to see otters, seals and sea lions.  For those of you not near the ocean, kayak your lakes, dams or waterways. 

Awkward Family Photos - $15.00 by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack – To laugh out loud or  simply to put a smile on a curmudgeon, this is the book.

Tulips – Two bunches for $15.00.  Tulips can brighten any room, any mood, any time.

Splurge – Chrome Wheels – M2 Momos  ~$650.  I love wheels.  If you drive a Versa or a Bugatti, wheels are the “hairdo” of any car.


  1. Awkward family photos are the best!

  2. wheels are so unexpected from a mother... but such great advice!

  3. I love that Ellen's splurge is rims... so gangster rollin in her cadillac =)


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