I Heart This

Still feeling guilty about my lack of an Earth Day post, I decided that this week's "I {Heart} This" feature will be eco themed!  All of these products are made from sustainable materials and/or are from companies with outstanding environmental initiatives (well, except for my awesome vintage blouse, but it's always green to buy vintage, so before you drop some major coin on your next shopping spree, check your local thrift store to save some Benjamin's and the environment...I picked up this gem for $5 at the Alameda Flea Market).  For more eco alternatives and re-purposing ideas, check my Old is New features to get some inspiration on  how to breathe new life into objects you probably already have.  Hope you all have a superb weekend...I'm excited for next week's posts, starting off with a great guest post from someone who has known me my WHOLE life!


  1. I'm loving the non-toxic nail polish and they have great colors! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oooh I like the nail polish and the clog platform!

    - Sarah

  3. Wow, that dresser is gorgeous! Up close, so much fine detail and intricate woodwork! Love sustainable pieces that show the importance of form and function! Great collection, thanks for sharing, Happy Weekend!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. I love that polka dot top!! that has got to be one of the biggest steals!

  5. Oh, someone's been taking advantage of the polaroid app, I like! Cute lil tape marks too, so clever!


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