Don't Worry Be Happy

This post is a little more personal than normal, but it's for a great cause.  One of my former volleyball teammates at the University of Portland received the scariest news imaginable on April 1st this year.  She was told she had a cancerous Glioblastoma stage 4 brain tumor.  Inoperable and incurable.  Some April Fool's joke, right? Wrong.  (You can read Liz's full story here).  After months of feeling ill, with no diagnosis, Liz unexpectedly went into a coma for about a week.  At this time Liz received her diagnosis and subsequently made her decision to fight.  I can attest to Liz's competitive drive first hand, having had the privilege of being her teammate and experiencing her drive to win and selfless manner.  Liz is now undergoing chemo and radiation to try to prolong her life and spend those last precious moments with the ones she loves.  While Liz does have health insurance, there are treatments that are not covered by her insurance plus numerous other costs that add up quickly.  If you want to help Liz in the biggest fight of her life, you can purchase one of these "Don't Worry Be Happy" sweatshirts or shirts.  

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