What are your thoughts on the midi skirt this summer?  I'm a recent convert to the maxi look, and have always loved my knee length pencil skirts for work...but calf length?  It kind of sounds like stubby legs waiting to happen.  I kind of love the look of these two midi skirts styled by yours truly, but how would it look on me?  That's another story!  I'd love to know if you have a midi skirt, and how you style it.  Retro? Color blocked? Sleek? Bohemian?  Leave me a comment below!

Edgy night out on the town: | EARRINGS $36 | RING $9.50 | CLUTCH $36 | SHOES $89 | DRESS $190 |
Farmer's Market: | SUNGLASSES $5.80 | TANK $30 | BELT $6.80 | SCARF $5.80 | SKIRT $80 | SHOES $30 | BAG $50 |


  1. oh, i think midis are so so classic and CLASSY when paired with heels! and, sure, flats if you can pull it off :)

    saw those insane color blocked heels on pinterest this morning...droolz.

  2. i think that it's a great look if you're tall, but for shorter ladies... i'm not a fan. too much potential to cut you off at the wrong spot and make your legs look stubby...

  3. I agree with Kim... I haven't tried it out yet but being a short 5'1 frame I can easily look like I'm drowning in these skirts and dresses.


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