Pattern in the bedroom

My bedroom is typically currently a tranquil oasis.  With all white bedding and neutral wood tones, it's more of a Scandinavian retreat than a plethora of eye candy.  But I must say, I kind of LOVE these patterned bedrooms.  All I need is a simple through or a tribal pillow and I can add a bit of pizzaz to my otherwise drab boudoir.  Those pattern swatches above are from actual throws, check the links below for the source.  Whatcha think?  Have a favorite print that would go fabulously with my bight white bedding?


  1. I sure love me some sezani! You could get one and use it as a throw or pillow and you could use it somewhere else if you want your serene bedroom back?

  2. Oh I NEED something like this! We currently have a white quilt on our bed but in the colder months we have a grey West Elm duvet. They both need a nice pop and this is the perfect solution!

  3. Hubs and I have a solid colored comforter on our bed right now and now I want to throw it to the wayside and infuse some pattern!

    xx Cat brideblu

  4. Hmmm, you are making me think here!! I am the same, I have a very tranquil, simple bedroom. But I love these patterns you've shown! I think I may invest in a few fun pillows for my bed now!


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