5 Steals and a Splurge

Happy Monday!  Kelley and I decided to take an impromptu trip to LA to celebrate a friend's birthday, visit my bf, and get some LA sun!  We hiked up near the Hollywood sign yesterday, and have big plans to lounge at the beach today (and of course get some work done).  Today's guest post is from Tamuna of her lovely blog, A Journey to Style.  I love the images Tamuna uses, especially her mood boards and Tuesday Travels that always transport me to a far off land. 
Hi there lovely Urban Gals, it's Tamuna from A Journey to Style  and I'm going to share my 5 Steals and a Splurge summer essentials with you.
#1 - MAC Lipstick in Hue $14.50 - I love wearing nude shades of lipstick in summer and this MAC liptsick is a staple for me.
#2 - The Body Shop Bronzing Powder $18.50 - This is an amazing bronzer for a great price.  I use it all year round and have repurchased it many times.  A bit of bronzer is a great way to add some tan and glow to the face without having to spend hours out in the Sun.
#3 - Zara Layered Cotton Dress $39.90 - Cotton dresses are essential for me in summer - they're easy to throw on and feel feminine and lightweight.  I also like to style them with a simple brown leather belt to accentuate the waist.
#4 - Netflix Movies $7.99 - $20 - I look forward to weekend movie nights with my fiance -it's a great way to rewind after a long day at work.
#5 - Fiji Water - $2.50 - $4 - I love drinking water, but I especially love Fiji water. I take a one liter bottle to work and drink it throughout the day.
#6 - Ivanka Trump Sandals $99-$69 - For my splurge item I chose these gorgeous sandals - I've been looking for the perfect pair of summer sandals for a while and I found them! I think they're gorgeous and versatile enough to pair with weekend clothes and also wear them to work.


  1. I love nude lipsticks too. I'll have to go give it a try =)

    - Sarah

  2. Love that dress! The color is just perfect for Summer!

  3. love the nude lipstick too, nice pics!


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