I'm Boring

1. The Perfect Pear 2. sfgirlbybay tumblr 3. Zara
I'm feeling really tired and lame right now...so not much creativity for today's post (I'm writing this actually Thursday night since I have to take my car into the shop early tomorrow morning).  Instead of creating some cool layout (ok, actually my layouts aren't that cool, but I like to pretend they are, so just go with it), I thought I'd post a few pics that are inspiring me these days, introduce some cool new links to you, and call it a week.  
I can't stop using this iPhone app
My new favorite tumblr
My new favorite beauty site
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


  1. I love instagram =) Hope you feel better.

    - Sarah

  2. You're not boring - your blog is fun and exciting and I love to read it all the time. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. wow that color coded tumblr is ridiculously cool!

  4. At least all of your links are entertaining... love them all! Esp. the beauty site, never knew LC had a beauty site.


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