After an inspiring dinner with the wonderful Mackenzie from Design Darling, I've decided to start a Tumblr!  It's rather bare bones for now, but I'll be updating it all day, so feel free to check it out throughout the day for a pick me up!  Check out the About page on the site if you are curious why I am trying out this "new" form of blogging.  I'm still working on the LA Hotspot segment and will hopefully have it up and running soon.  For now, expect Thrifty Gal posts a little less frequently, but full of amazing content.  Isn't growing and changing exciting? Let me know what you think of the tumblr!


  1. Fantastic! I love tumblr, but pinterest has my heart now! excited to see what your tumblr is like - I am sure its fabulous!

  2. Woohoo! Can't wait to check it out! xoxoxo

  3. yay for tumblr! following you now :). i love it already!

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