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I love surrounding myself with art at my apartment.  My paintings and prints remind me of trips I have taken, or the people who have gifted me these lovely pieces of art.  Sometimes though, I feel those creative juices flowing and get a burning desire to acquire some new pieces.

Enter: www.etsy.com

At etsy.com you can find wonderful pieces of art for under $20.00.  You can search for pieces of a specific color scheme, or shop for pieces of art done by local artists in your area.  Here are some of my favorites

Love this Victorian-bicycle print for $10.00.  Found here

I love these Keep Calm posters.  This one found here.  These posters can be found in any size and in any color under the sun.  You are sure to find a match for ANY color scheme.  Etsy artists have gotten creative and you can also find "Keep Calm and Ride On" (for your biker friends), "Keep Calm and Snap On" (for the photographers out there), and "Keep Calm and Write On" (for the authors and bloggers).

I love these prints both by fieldtrip (both $20.00 each).  For a complete list of prints by this artist, look here.

I decided to look and see what Berkeley etsy artists had to offer...after looking through lots of tie-dye maxi dresses, I stumbled across some smaller prints I adore and am thinking of purchasing in a series for my kitchen.

More prints found here.  These pieces range form $3.50-$4.50 each.

Although not really print related, I also LOVE the work of underhercharm, and this necklace in particular.
More pieces can be found here

Happy decorating!


  1. OOOh! I want the 'keep calm and write on" print! Soooo cute!!


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