In honor of Doug, I have to post something about Woot!

This site is a little ridiculous, but you can find some great deals, especially for electronics.  They feature a different item everyday at a ridiculously low price.  A few days ago, they posted noise-canceling, in-ear headphones for $2.99!  (+ shipping, which is always $5).  There is also shirt.woot! (featuring zany, creative t's for $10) kids.woot!, deals.woot! (which is a collection of additional "sponsored" deals) and wine.woot!

Occasionally a woot off! will occur, and then the fun really begins. During a woot off! woot.com posts an item until it sells out, and then a new item is posted.  The elusive "bag of crap" is also sold during a woot off! The bag can be purchased for $5 and you have no idea what is inside until you receive it in the mail...woot can be pretty sneaky though, and has been known to give some pretty awesome stuff in the ole "bag of crap" (like a flat screen TV) or some not so awesome stuff (like a Spock action figure...which I guess could be awesome for some people).

Best of luck with the wooting! 

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