working girl bags

Purses and bags are the unsung heroes of a put together outfit.  Find the right one, and you look effortlessly chic, pick the wrong one, and you get mistaken for a homeless person.  I like to have a different bag for different functions, like a sling backpack for my gym clothes, and a clutch for a night out on the town.  The work bag is a tough bag to track down since it must be work appropriate AND stylish.  The following bags are great options for work, under $100, and sure to last longer than that Forever 21 satchel you bought your freshman year of college.
1. Sequin Panel Tote $90
2. Suede Tote $98
3. Tassel Tales Hand Bag $67
4. The Buzz Bag $55
5. Brickyard Library Handbag $60
6. Bodacious Blue Bag $90
7. The Porter in Rosewood $91
8. Elegant Embellishments Bag $90
9. Italian Riviera Bag $70

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